Tips for sports betting as an investment

I still get a kick out of people's reactions when I tell them what I do for a living. If I say I am a professional sports handicapper, the first reaction is surprise, either by raised eyebrows and a lean back or confusion expressed expressed by a furrowed brow and pursed lips. Whether people know and understand my job, or whether they simply no evidence, I usually get them into focus with the same line: “It's basically like a financial adviser, except that instead of investing in the stock market my clients and I to invest in the sports betting market.” This should normally occur because not too many people think of sports betting as an investment strategy. Some say the conversation. Some are still narrow minded and keep them for some crime or a waste of time. But very few people think of sports betting as a legitimate company with the goal of making money. I ask, “why not?” I always wonder why the real estate speculation, hedge funds and general trading as justified, while sports betting kinda like notorious is accepted or seen unreliable. Even today, recorded only a few years after one of the biggest economic crisis in the history of mankind, seen on Wall Street is still considered respectable place to try to make money. This is despite the fraud, dishonesty and shady business practices of people around the world. But when I explain to someone approach and how to invest anywhere from 10 to 30 percent annual return on their money through sports they would look at me I was fraudster or some shill how to earn. have People and lost several assets in the last decade. From the dot-com bubble burst in 2000 to the housing bubble burst we've seen in 2007-08 over and over again that speculative markets, and even seemingly reliable, traditional investment instruments situations prove to be disastrous . While sports betting is up-and-down, it is a very stable market, that we do not care about historical or uncontrollable “crashes”. The basics of investing – finding value, patience, long-term goals and vision, daring a little – hold in my area. And can earn over a long period of much more money betting, weathering of the gains and losses, than you can by several other investment options. Whether it's Doc's control of college football picks and NBA landscape, Allen Eastman's amazing, “99” NFL Football Betting System, my own excellence in college basketball and baseball, or the steady, diverse and exceptional returns posted by Strike Point Sports, Vegas Sports Informer and Indian Cowboy, over the years is one of our handicaps up to a pleasant experience to invest with an incredible ceiling for profit and future dividends, adjusted offer. have so Doc's Sports, Strike Point Sports, and I all made a profit in college basketball in the last four years. One may of us have a losing season this coming season. But at the end of the day I am sure that the final profit figures will make over a period of five years, much more than his almost any investment on Wall Street that you would have at this time Kö ; can. sports betting as an investment is a better option than the traditional methods of investment in a variety of reasons. First, and perhaps most important sports betting a great investment because of the substantial returns possible, more “established” mechanisms are compared. Current rates for a $ 10,000 money market account each year in the neighborhood of 0.8 percent. A $ 10,000 deposit (CD) you get a 1.36 percent return per year, or 0.87 percent over six months. So that means that if you have $ 10,000 and invest it somewhere you can expect anywhere from $ 100 to $ 200 back do deserve it. Compare that with the current baseball season of their own Vegas Sports Informer. Had you invested with him, at $ 100 per unit, the recommended amount that would bankroll, you would to
about $ 8600. Now, consider the $ 795 that you paid for his full season package and here is what you are viewing: for just under $ 800 back and earn 10 times as much. That makes it a 1000 percent return on your original investment. Yes, there is always a chance at a loss at some point. not too different from the stock market. But the difference is that with one of our professionals, for a sufficiently long period, you will earn dividends. And the value is there because there is a possibility – a realistic chance -. To an incredible amount more than you would at 0.8 percent Although sports betting markets can invest a little more volatile in the short term the sports system is extremely stable in the long term. And I am fully convinced sports betting as a method of recommending investments and make money. And I'll close with a story from my own experience: Over Christmas I was with a close friend of the weak rates them on their CD's always talking. She told me that one of their CD's produced only about $ 130 in interest last year. I looked at her and, quite seriously, told her she was to me $ 500 and I would bet on my top Major League Baseball system, set the following spring. She laughed and rolled her eyes. But I came back to her in March and asked them again to tell her that I would win by more than the Seattle Mariners 'under' 85th I explained the math and science behind the pickup, and they decided to give it a shot. Well, I'll never forget the giddy tone in her voice when I spoke to her in mid-June. The Mariners had just blown the lead in the ninth inning the night before, which for the fourth straight loss and dropping to Seattle 23-38. She was on pace for only 61 victories (they are currently 36-57 and pace for 63 wins) and recognized that it would to to 500 dollars. She was so excited and acknowledged that this is a lot more fun and more profitable than simply checking their statements. I smiled and said to her: “This is my business.”

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